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Жили-были дед да баба.
И была у них курочка ряба.
Снесла как-то курочка яичко, да не простое, а золотое.

Дед бил, бил - не разбил.
Баба била, била - не разбила.
Мышка бежала, хвостиком махнула, яичко упало и разбилось.

Дед и баба плачут, а курочка кудахчет:
"Не плачь, дед, не плачь, баба.
Снесу я вам другое яичко, не золотое - простое!"

There once was an old man and an old woman
and they had a hen Riaba.
Once the hen laid an egg, and not an ordinary one, but a golden one.

The old man hit it and hit it, but could not break it.
The old woman hit it and hit it, but could not break it.
A mouse ran past, waved its tail, the egg fell and broke.

The old man cried, the old woman cried, and the hen cackled:
"Don't cry old man, don't cry old woman.
I will lay you a new egg, not a golden one, but an ordinary one!"

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