Decode Russian

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Template:Russian lettersRussian keyboard stickers on Amazon:

Template:0 Ученик: Sometimes I see some web pages that display some strange combination of bizarre characters. Template:E1

Учительница: If you find a webpage that you can't read decode it with

Ученик: Sometimes the characters look different.

Учительница: This site deals with all sorts of characters. Sometimes you will find that Russian letter "p" is missing. Don't worry. Google part of the text and you will find what you are looking for.

How to decode gibberish Russian with GoogleTranslate

  1. and paste it to GoogleTranslate
  2. Choose to translate the link from Russian into English
  3. Click on "Translate"
  4. Click on "Original" in the right top corner of the GoogleTranslate page and you will see the page in Russian.