How To Decode Gibberish Russian

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Не стану я жалеть о розах,
Увядших легкою весной;
Мне мил и виноград на лозах
В кистях созревших под горой,
Краса моей долины злачной,
Отрада осени златой,
Продолговатый и прозрачный,
Как персты девы молодой.

Учительница: deals with all sorts of characters. Sometimes you will find that Russian letter "p" is missing. Don't worry. Google the part of the text and you will find what you are looking for.

You can decode gibberish Russian with GoogleTranslate too:

1. Copy and paste text to GoogleTranslate
2. Choose to translate the link from Russian into English
3. Click on "Translate"
4. Click on "Original" in the right top corner of the GoogleTranslate page and you will see the page in Russian.