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This section explains how to edit pages in WikiTranslate.

Content of WikiTranslate is written collaboratively by volunteers who write without pay. You are required to create an account to edit articles on WikiTranslate. Join our Facebook group with your real identity so you can discuss the articles.

It's very easy

Click the Edit link that appears on each page - this is in the form of a tab at the top of the page. A form will appear, containing the existing markup. When you have finished making modifications or translation, click the Save button to commit your changes.

Be bold

  • Don't be shy
  • Write as best as you can, trust that others will help you
  • Open the pages you like to learn from the others
  • Experiment and save your work often
  • Preview the page, have a look if you like it or not
  • Ask us for help if you are not sure how to edit a page

Page looks "strange"?

Don't worry if the page looks "strange" after you have saved it. Tell us and we'll correct it quickly. Everything that is in {{Brackets}} is a template. If you have deleted some brackets or changed the name of the template the page will look strange. It takes some time to get used to the script. Easy does it!

You can edit much the same as Wikipedia

WikiTranslate uses SMW

SMW introduces special markup elements which allow editors to provide «hints» to computer programs on how to interpret some piece of information given in the wiki. Such hints are called semantic annotations and they are created with a special markup of SMW. All data created within SMW can easily be published via the Semantic Web, allowing other systems to use this data seamlessly.