How To Touch Type Russian

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Учительница: I find it very difficult to understand when someone types Russian using the Latin letters. I want you to learn how to type Russian, so we can chat in Russian

Ученик: You type English! I type English! We type English!

Учительница: Нет, нет и нет! We type Russian! We learn Russian! First of all you need to install a Russian keyboard. Learn where the Russian letters are:

  • Click on the icon of the snail to start the game
  • Click on the keys to hear the letters
  • Print out the Russian keyboard image and put it in front of you
  • Write the letters on little pieces of self-sticking paper and glue them to the correct keys of your keyboard
  • Don't forget to unglue them as soon as you have learnt the letters!
  • Buy Russian keyboard stickers

Ученик: It's too much!

Учительница: Then use Russian virtual keyboards: Branah,, Translit, Apronus; or GoogleTranslate ▹ Translate from: Russian ▹ Click 'Allow phonetic typing' ▹ Type 'Privet' ▹ Hit space for 'Привет'

Russian keyboard

Ученик: It is very confusing: a=ф and f=a!

Учительница: Use Russian phonetic virtual keyboards: Branah, Typewriter, It's "wrong", but more logical: a=a, f=ф, s=c, g=г, w=ш. If you can touch type with Latin keyboard, you learn to touch type Russian in no time with the Russian phonetic keyboard.

Russian Phonetic keyboard

Ученик: I can copy and paste the Russian words from there. It is easy, but it takes too long though!

Учительница: You have to install the Russian keyboard then.