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  1. Разноцветная песня (Multi-Coloured Song)

Учительница: Can you write in English?

Ученик: My handwriting is appalling so I type instead and use a computer. One doesn't need to write nowadays.

Учительница: Print out the Russian copy books: [1] · [2] · [3]; and start writing Russian. It is very important to learn Russian cursive!

Ученик: It is bad enough learning the way they type, let alone the way they write. What do I need to write for? I have no intention of becoming another Tolstoy or Dostoevsky.

Учительница: Well, if you feel that way − certainly you can type. My advice to you though, is to try and write at least a page of Russian longhand and try to get used to the letters.

  • It's faster to write something in cursive.
  • Computers are not so widespread in Russia and people usually write to each other using script.
  • Children are taught how to write in cursive in Russian schools, not how to print. They practice in special workbooks so any printing is very much discouraged by the teacher. As a result, most Russians know how to write using script, they don't print letters.
  • Research shows that spelling in joined handwriting helps your brain to remember spelling patterns.

Sometimes we use Russian italics on WikiTranslate. It isn't a deliberate attempt to puzzle you, but to make sure that you get used to different types of print. Italics look very similar to written Russian so knowledge of the latter, will help you to be confident about using all of the Russian letters.

Ученик: Go on then.

Учительница: First of all print out a Russian copy book, it will help you to write the letters. It isn't that easy to start writing Russian script without it. Then take a pen and start writing Russian. You can even watch me reading the copybook for you, while you are practicing your handwriting!

Ученик: I like the song that they sing on the other video.

Учительница: Learn the words! I have added it to WikiTranslate for you: "Чему учат в школе".

Пиши, не пиши, – шиш нипишешь: Пиши не пиши шиш нипишешь.jpg

Michael Dorfman: Пиши, не пиши, – шиш нипишешь..jpg

лишили лилии: Лишили лилии.jpg

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