Республика ШКИД

Фильм рассказывает о непростой жизни воспитанников интерната для трудновоспитуемых детей в первые послереволюционные годы.

The 1920s... St. Petersburg's streets are full of gangs of homeless kids. From time to time some of them are caught and placed into a special school which is named after Dostoyevsky ('SHKola Imeni Dostoyevskogo' - hence the name SHKID). SHKID has gathered hungry, but impudent and sharp kids. This shelter of comedians is ruled by an 'old-school' principal (brilliantly played by young Sergei Yursky), an honorable and intelligent man. His disarming trust gains childrens' trust in return, helps them not to lose themselves in those vague times, makes them grow from unruly kids into thoughtful and caring members of adult society.