A Romantic Dinner

As I was going by Charing CrossУ Чаринг-Кросса показали мне
Christmas Is ComingРождество подходит
Cock A Doodle Do!Ку-кукареку!
Solitary RhymeFilastrocca solitaria
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My wife and I were on holiday. It was an exciting day, running round. Later we decided to go to a local restaurant to eat. The restaurant was very busy, so we had to wait a while for our food to be brought by the waitress. We were hungry and bored.

The waitress brought us our plates of meat and potatoes. At first we were'nt quite sure about the food. But when we tasted it we ate quickly. Sometimes we shared the best pieces of meat on our plates. We did'nt like the potatoes and carrots much, so we left them. The food was so good we ordered two more plates. It was a wonderfull evening!

Test Yourself

1 What do the dogs start eating with?

a knife and a fork
a fork and hands

2 What does the dog use to wipe its mouth?

table cloth

3 What is he eating?

dog meat

4 What is the dog drinking?

white wine

5 What do you think of the dog's table manners?

He has bad table manners
He has no table manners
He has good table manners (for a dog)