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English AlphabetАнглийский алфавит
International Phonetic AlphabetМеждународный фонетический алфавит
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Letter Letter name
A a /eɪ/ Sometimes /æ/ in Hiberno-English
B bee /biː/
C cee /siː/
D dee /diː/
E e /iː/
F ef (eff as a verb) /ɛf/
G gee /dʒiː/
H aitch /eɪtʃ/
haitch sometimes in Australian and Irish English, and usually in Indian English (although often considered incorrect) /heɪtʃ/
I i /aɪ/
J jay /dʒeɪ/
jy in Scottish English /dʒaɪ/
K kay /keɪ/
L el or ell /ɛl/
M em /ɛm/
N en /ɛn/
O o /oʊ/
P pee /piː/
Q cue One of the few letter names not to contain the letter in question. Qu ~ que is obsolete, being attested from the 16th century. /kjuː/
R ar /ɑr//ɔr/ (/ɔər/?) in Hiberno-English
S ess (es-)in compounds such as es-hook /ɛs/
T tee /tiː/
U u /juː/
V vee /viː/
W double-u /ˈdʌbəl.juː/Especially in American English, the /l/ is not often pronounced in informal speech. (Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 10th ed). Common colloquial pronunciations are /ˈdʌbəjuː/, /ˈdʌbəjə/, and /ˈdʌbjə/, as in the nickname "Dubya", especially in terms like www.
X ex /ɛks/
Y wy or wye /waɪ/
Z British and English in the Commonwealth of Nations|Commonwealth English /zɛd/
zee in American English /ziː/
izzard in Scottish English /ˈɪzərd/