4. Household

3. Household 3. Домашнее хозяйство
4. Household 4. Домашнее хозяйство
Living Room Гостиная
Where is the School? Где школа?
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WikiTranslate English lesson: Household 4 Teacher: Richard Brown.

1. This a vase. This vase is blue .
2. This is also a vase, but this vase is not blue but brown.
3. This is a flower. This flower is yellow.
4. This is also a flower, but this flower is not yellow, but purple.
5. And this is a multi-coloured flower .
6. This is a window and curtains. This window is brown and the curtains are red.
7. These are curtains. These curtains are white with brown, green, orange, red and yellow. They are multi-coloured.
8. This window is multi-coloured too. It is round and multi-coloured. It is at Notre Dame in Paris and not in my house!
9. This window is white and it is in a house. There are flowers on the window: a cactus and chamomile.
10. A black cat is on this window sill. This black cat is looking out of the window.
11. This is also a window. But this window is not in a house but on a computer.

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Test Yourself

1. This is a _______ . E-lightbulb.png

lamp shade
light bulb
black door

2. This is a _______ . E-mobile phone.png

house telephone
mobile telephone

3. These curtains are _______ . Small curtains.png

very big.
very long.

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