Install Polish Keyboard
  • AltGr+Aą
  • AltGr+Cć
  • AltGr+Eę
  • AltGr+Lł
  • AltGr+Nń
  • AltGr+Oó
  • AltGr+Sś
  • AltGr+Xź
  • AltGr+Zż
Nauczycielka: If you are serious about learning Polish you should install a Polish keyboard.

Uczeń: I have so much stuff on my computer already!

Nauczycielka: How can you start touch typing Polish? It won't take a lot of space and you need it.

How to change keyboard language

How many languages are on your keyboard? If you have activated more than one language:

  1. Find Language Bar icon - It is in the taskbar notification area, at the bottom of your computer screen, a bit left from the sound, clock, etc., for example EN for English
  2. Click with the right mouse key and you will see the other activated languages
  3. Choose the one you need by clicking on it or use keyboards shortcuts

If you haven't activated more than one language Language Bar icon won't appear on the screen. Install another language

Windows 7

  1. StartControl PanelRegion and Language iconKeyboards and Languages tabChange keyboardsAdd
  2. Select the language and the keyboard layout for that language
  3. Check the Show More box to see more keyboard layout options
  4. Select Keyboard layout under a language and click on the Preview button to see a preview of the keyboard layout

Windows XP

  1. StartControl PanelStartSettingsControl Panel
  2. Double-click Regional and Language Options
  3. Languages tabDetails under Text Services and Input Languages
  4. Add under Installed Services and then select the language and the keyboard layout for that language
  5. Click Language Bar under Preferences to configure the settings for the Language Bar

Install another language if you have already at least two languages

  1. Find Language Bar icon
  2. Click on Language Bar icon with the right mouse key
  3. Click on Settings with the left mouse key
  4. Add a language by clicking on the word Add
  5. Click OK
  6. Click Apply and OK - might not appear, it depends on the version of your software
  7. Click away from the window,
  8. Click Add languages
  9. Choose the new language by clicking on the small icon language on the screen with the left mouse key