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Editing PagesРедактирование страниц
Help PagesСтраницы помощи
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Create an account and you can start editing a page much the same as Wikipedia. We are happy to help you

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Change URL

Browse to the intended location of the page, e.g. and click on the create link:

  • Change URL in your browser for the name of the new page, as of the new page
  • Refresh your browser
  • Click on Create tab in the top right corner of the page
  • Edit the new page

Create a red link

Create a link to the page on another page, then click on the red link which appears:

  • Start editing an existing page, embrace name of the new page in the double brackets [[ ]] if you edit text as wikitext
  • The new link will be created.
  • The new link will be coloured red when saved, like this: name of the new page. You can click on the red link, edit and save the new page. Once the page has been saved, the link colour will change from red to blue (purple for pages you've visited).

Please don't save the example page, or the example will be lost!

Search for nonexistent page

Search for a page that don't exist will contain a red link which allows you to edit that page.