3 hermanos y 3 hermanas

< 3 Brothers and 3 Sisters

Había una vez tres hermanos.
El primero se llamaba Zapp,
el segundo se llamaba Zapplalapp,
el tercero se llamaba Zapplalapplalonibi.

Había una vez tres hemanas.
La primera se llamaba Zipp,
la segunda se llamaba Zipplilipp,
la tercera se llamaba Zipplilipplilinibi.

Zapp se casó con Zipp,
Zapplalapp con Zipplilipp,
Zapplalapplalonibi con Zipplilipplilinibi.

Once there were three brothers.
The first was called Zapp,
the second was called Zapplalapp,
the third was called Zapplalapplalonibi.
Once there were three sisters.
The first was called Zipp,
the second was called Zipplilipp,
the third was called Zipplilipplilinibi.
Zipp married Zapp,
Zapplalapp married Zipplilipp,
Zapplalapplalonibi married Zipplilipplilinibi.