As I was going by Charing Cross

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A Bird Wanted To Marry Die Vögel wollten Hochzeit machen
A Cuckoo On A Tree Auf einem Baum ein Kuckuck
A Little Bird Flew To Me Kommt ein Vogel geflogen
A Little Man Is Standing In A Wood Ein Männlein steht im Walde
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As I was going by Charing Cross,
I saw a black man upon a black horse;
They told me it was King Charles the First -
Oh dear, my heart was ready to burst!

Play У Чаринг-Кросса показали мне,
Чёрного всадника на чёрном коне.
Сказали, что это Карл Первый, король!
Ой, умереть! У меня в сердце боль!
/ Ой, умереть! Прям так в сердце боль! /

Test Yourself

1. Where was I?

at home
Charing Cross
at King Charles' Court
in hospital

2. What was the black man riding?

a black cab
a number 38 bus
he was walking
a black horse

3. How did I know it was Kind King Charles?

because I recognised Him
because he rode a black horse
because some people told me
because I was in London

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