Russian plural nouns with ending -ья

Russian ns, prons, adjs & nums decline in gender: m, f, n; number: s, p & case: n, g, d, a, i, p. Adv, conj, interj, prep stay the same. Verbs: 3 ten, 2 asp; asp pairs are formed: via pref, suf & lex. Beware of verbs of position and motion!

The history of these forms is illustrated by Old Slavonic, where the plural frequently became a collective noun and was of the feminine gender; brothers брат - братия (collectively): брат - братья, друг - друзья, сын - сыновья, муж - мужья, князь - князья, ком - комья, корень - коренья, зуб - зубья, полено - поленья, звено - звенья. The same form is seen in modern Serbian.


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