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Recording with smartphone

  1. Check if your phone works with the Rode Mic on Smartlav
  2. Buy Rode Smartlav+ Lavalier Microphone for Smartphone
  3. Use RØDE Rec for your recordings

Recording with Audacity

  1. Download Audacity and install it on your computer
  2. Download LAME MP3 encoder and install it

Launch Audacity and click once inside the red recording meters. Audacity will not start recording but it will turn the meters on so you can adjust the sound:

  1. Make the Input Volume higher but not so high as to distort the recording
  2. Record your voice with Audacity

You can buy good cheep mic, such as MIC-J 044 Lavalier for recordings. Make your recording clearer if it necessary:

  1. Click -> Effect -> Noise Removal
  2. Don't make Noise Removal it too high or your voice will sound metallic
  3. Normalize makes your recording louder
  • My settings: "MME Microsoft Sound Mapper -> Microphone Realtek -> Hign 2 Stereo Input" with MIC-J 044 Lavalier Natasha Brown 16:57, 1 October 2015 (UTC)

Make voice-over for video

You can record your voice with Audacity, a phone, an audio recorder, etc.

  1. Watch the video
  2. Switch on subtitles for your language
  3. Switch off the sound
  4. Start playing the video from the beginning
  5. Say WikiTranslate YourLanguage lesson ... Teacher: YourName in your language
  6. Start recording your voice

Take it easy

Smile few times and laugh. It's very important.

  • Try your best to relax. You are only recording your voice. Nobody will hear it if you don't upload the file to the wiki!
  • Read the text loudly and clearly
  • The sound of your voice should be as natural as it can be
  • Don't read too slowly
  • Don't speed up
  • Don't be afraid to leave the gaps. Everyone is afraid of silence, it's only natural. Try to overcome it.

Make mp3 file with Audacity

In Audacity click -> "File" -> "Export" -> "mp3 file". Can't export mp3? – You need LAME MP3 encoder.

  • Audacity Settings: 44.1kHz min, 2 channels

Voice-over fits video?

Check that your voice-over fits the video. Play your audio together with the video. The audio file doesn't fit the video? – Don't worry! We can adjust the video a bit.

Make sound louder in Audacity

  1. Click on Effect -> Amplify and click Save (15-23 dB)
  2. You might need to click on Allow clipping so that the effect works
  3. Record something to check that it sounds loud and nice

Upload mp3 to WikiTranslate

Add mp3 file to a page

  1. Type {{mp3|Варенье}} ({{mp3|Some file name}}) on any page
  2. Save the page
  3. This is the result:

Doesn't work?

Join WikiTranslate group on Facebook and ask for help with editing. You can email us too.

Which mic to buy?

You can make a good recording using:

Advice from CaldersConfessions: Get yourself a lapel mic - £7 on Amazon (speedlink I think?) and then use an Olympus Dictaphone (£40 max). Forger shotguns they only work in a 2-3 feet range.

    • Use Audacity to remove the hiss and edit the sound file (trim start and end).
    • Import footage and audio into Premier, create a sequence from the footage, drop the audio into the sequence, select all in sequence, right click, hit syncronise.
    • Remove camera audio and bingo - perfect sound.