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1 リンゴの花ほころび 川面にかすみたち
  ■君なき里にも 春は忍び寄りぬ
  ■君なき里にも 春は忍び寄りぬ

2 岸辺に立ちて歌う カチューシャの歌
  ■春風優しく吹き 夢がわくみ空よ ...繰り返し...

3 カチューシャの歌声 遥かに丘を超え
  ■今なお君をたずねて 優しその歌声 ...繰り返し...

4 リンゴの花ほころび 川面にかすみたち
  ■君なき里にも 春は忍び寄りぬ ...繰り返し...

Apple trees and pear trees were a flower,
River mist was rising all around.
Young Katusha went strolling by the hour
On the steep banks,
O'er the rocky ground.

By the river's bank she sang a love song
Of her hero in a distant land.
Of the one she'd dearly loved for so long,
Holding tight his letters in her hand.

Oh, my song, song of a maiden's true love,
To my dear one travel with the sun.
To the one with whom Katusha knew love,
Bring my greetings to him, one by one.

Let him know that I am true and faithful,
Let him hear the love song that I send.
Tell him as he defends our home that grateful,
True Katusha our love will defend.