Solitary Rhyme

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Solitary RhymeFilastrocca solitaria
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I want to make a castle in the air:
higher than the clouds, higher than the wind
a castle of gold and silver.
I want to climb a ladder
to dream without sleep
and to print the letters:
"Bad things can not enter..."

O solitary rhyme
you look so good up there in the air:
but why are the letters printed there
still here?...

Aglio fare un castello in aria:
più su delle nubi, più su del vento
un castello d'oro e d'argento.
Con una scala ci voglio salire
per sognare senza dormire
e su un cartello far stampare:
"Le cose brutte non possono entrare..."
O filastrocca solitaria
si starà bene lassù nell’aria:
ma se un cartello scritto così
lo mettessimo anche qui?...

Test Yourself

1 What is the castle like? .

It is made of bad things.
It is made of gold and silver.
It is made of stone.

2 Where is the castle? .

Deep in the earth.
In Spain.
Above the clouds.

3 How will he get there? .

By dragonfly.
Using a ladder.
By falling asleep.