Matin, journée, soir et nuit

< Morning, day, evening and night

Bonjour, bonjour, bonjour, bonjour!
Cest le matin... Matin, matin, matin
Cest la journée... Journée, journée, journée
Coash Townland -
Cest le soir... Soir, soir, soir, soir
Cest la nuit... Nuit, nuit, nuit

Bonjour, bonjour, bonjour, bonjour!

Bonne Matinée! Matinée, matinée
Bonjour! Journée, journée, journée
Bonsoir! Soir, soir, soir, soir
Bonne nuit! Nuit, nuit, nuit.

Adieu, adieu!

  • French dont greet each others in the Morning with "Bonne Matinée" but a simple "Bonjour" and so until 5 pm. You only use "Bonne Matinée" when leaving someone in the Morning and wishing him/her a Good Morning in the figurative sense.
  • From 5 pm we use "Bonsoir" and than "bonne Nuit" just before going to bed.

Hello, hello, hello, hello!

This is morning... Morning, morning, morning.
This is day... Day, day, day.
This is evening... Evening, evening, evening.
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This is night... Night, night, night.

Hello, hello, hello, hello!
Coash Townland -
Good morning! Morning, morning, morning.
Good day! Day, day, day.
Good evening!.. Evening, evening, evening.
Good night! Night, night, night.

Good bye, good bye!

We say "Good morning!" in the morning.
We say "Good day!" during the day.
We say "Good evening!" in the evening.
We say "Good night!" at night.