Тили-бом, тили-бом!

< Solfege - Tily-Bom

Тили-бом, тили-бом! (Дон-дон, дон-дон)
Загорелся кошкин дом!
Идёт дым столбом!
Кошка выскочила,
Глаза выпучила.
Бежит курочка с ведром.
Заливает кошкин дом.

Tily-bom, tily-bom!
Fire's burning the cat's home!
The cat's jumping from her home,
And her hair needs a comb!
A hen is running with a gnome
They bring water to save home.
To fight fire to save home.
Her eyes don't look and she roams.

Tily-bom, tily-bom!
The cat's house is on fire!
The cat jumped out,
She popped out her eyes.
😻 🎍 😻

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