Altın Yumurtlayan Tavuk

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Bir köylünün kümesinde hiç tavuk kalmamış.Köylü pazardan bir tavuk almış.Kümeste beslemeye başladı.Aradanbir kaç gün geçti.Merak edip kümese gitti.Tavuk yumurtlamış mı diye baktı.O dane?GözlerineinanamadI.Şaşkınlıktan donup kaldı.

Tavuk,bir altın yumurta yumurtlamıştı.Köylü çok sevinmişti.Ertesi gün kümeste,bir altın yumurta daha buldu.
Günler geçip gidiyordu.Köylü kümesten her günbir altın yumurtaalıyordu.Fakat çok sabırsızdı.Bir anda hepsine sahip olmak istiyordu.Tavuğun içindeki yumurtaları hemen çıkarmayı düşündü.Tavuğu kesti.Fakat tavuktanhiç altın yumurta çıkmadı.

Adama, aç gözlüğü altın yumurtaları kaybettirdi.Dövünüp durdu.Son pişmanlık fayda etmedi.

A cottager and his wife had a Hen that laid a golden egg every day. They supposed that the Hen must contain a great lump of gold in its inside, and in order to get the gold they killed it. Having done so, they found to their surprise that the Hen differed in no respect from their other hens. The foolish pair, thus hoping to become rich all at once, deprived themselves of the gain of which they were assured day by day.

George Fyler Townsend's translation (1887)
==The Goose With the Golden Eggs==
One day a countryman going to the nest of his Goose found there an egg all yellow and glittering. When he took it up it was as heavy as lead and he was going to throw it away, because he thought a trick had been played upon him.

But he took it home on second thoughts, and soon found to his delight that it was an egg of pure gold. Every morning the same thing occurred, and he soon became rich by selling his eggs. As he grew rich he grew greedy; and thinking to get at once all the gold the Goose could give, he killed it and opened it only to find nothing.

Joseph Jacobs' translation (1894)
==The Chicken With the Golden Eggs==
Once upon a farmer so poor, so poor that not even had a cow. It was the poorest in the village.

It turns out that one day, working in the field and lamenting his fate, appeared a little man who said, "My good man, I heard your cries and I'll make your fortune change. Take this chicken, it's so wonderful that every day brings a golden egg."

The little man disappeared without further ado and the farmer took his chicken pen. The next day, oh surprise, he found a golden egg. He put in a basket and went with her to the city, where he sold the egg for a high price. The next day, wild with joy, he found another golden egg. Fortune had finally come home!

Every day was a new egg. Was so little by little, with the proceeds from the sale of eggs, was becoming the richest man in the county.

However, mindless greed gripped her heart and thought, "Why wait for each day the hen lay an egg? Better kill it and discover the gold mine within him." And he did, but on the inside of the hen did not find any mines. Because of such excessive greed that did this stupid village of fortune that had miscarried.