Anecdote About George Bernard Shaw - In a Restaurant

Anecdote About George Bernard Shaw - In a Restaurant Анекдот о Джордже Бернарде Шоу - В Ресторане
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Once George Bernard Shaw had dinner in a big restaurant.
While he was dining an orchestra played very loudly.

Shaw called a waiter and asked him: "Could you tell me if the orchestra would play something that a customer has requested?"
"But certainly Monsieur," the waiter replied. "What would you like the orchestra to play?"
"Well, could they play poker until I have finished my dinner?"

While visiting a restaurant one evening, George Bernard Shaw and a friend found their conversation drowned by a noisy orchestra.

"Could you play something if I asked you to?" Shaw called to the leader.
"But certainly Monsieur," the man replied.
"Well would you either play poker or dominoes - whichever you like - until I have finished my dinner?"

Однажды Бернард Шоу обедал в большом ресторане. Во время обеда очень громко играл оркестр.

Бернард Шоу подозвал официанта и спросил его:
- Скажите, пожалуйста, оркестр может сыграть по заказу посетителя?
- Конечно, сэр, - ответил официант. - А что вы хотите, чтобы оркестр сыграл?
- Попросите их сыграть в покер, пока я обедаю.