Canon of St. Andrew of Crete - Tuesday

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On Tuesday of the First Week of Lent, during Great Compline, after Psalm 69, the Canon is sung. The Eirmosi are sung twice, at the beginning and end of each Song. Before each Troparion we make the sign of the Cross and bow three times.

Song 1. Tone 6.

Eirmos: He is my Helper and Protector, and has become my salvation. This is my God and I will glorify Him My father's God and I will exalt Him. For gloriously has He been glorified. (Exodus 15:2, 1; Psalm 117:14)

Refrain: Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me.


I have willfully incurred the guilt of Cain's murder, since by invigorating my flesh I am the murderer of my soul's awareness, and have warred against it by my evil deeds. (Genesis 4:8)

I have not resembled Abel's righteousness, O Jesus. I have never offered Thee acceptable gifts, nor divine actions, nor a pure sacrifice, nor an unblemished life. (Genesis 4:4)

Like Cain, we too, O wretched soul, have likewise offered to the Creator of all foul deeds, defective sacrifice and a useless life. Therefore we too are condemned. (Genesis 4:5; Hebrews 11:4)

In molding my clay into life, O Potter, Thou didst put in me flesh and bones, breath and vitality. But, O my Creator, my Redeemer and Judge, accept me who repent. (Genesis 2:7; Jeremiah 18:1-10; Rom. 9:21)

I confess to Thee, O Savior, the sins I have committed, and the wounds of my body and soul which murderous thoughts like robbers within have inflicted upon me. (Luke 10:30)

I have sinned, O Savior, yet I know that Thou art the Lover of men. Thou strikest compassionately and pitiest warmly. Thou seest me weeping and runnest towards me as the Father recalling the Prodigal. (Luke 15:20)

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit:

To The Trinity: Superessential Trinity, adored in Unity, take from me the heavy yoke of sin, and in Thy compassion grant me tears of compunction.

Now and ever, and to the ages of ages. Amen.

Theotokion: Mother of God, hope and intercessor of those who sing of thee, take from me the heavy yoke of sin, and as thou art our pure Lady, accept me who repent.

Song 2.

Eirmos: Attend, O heaven, and I will speak, and will sing of Christ who came to dwell among us in flesh which He took from the Virgin.

Refrain: Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me.


Sin which stripped me of my former God-woven clothing has also sewn on me coats of skin. (Genesis 3:21)

I am wrapped in a garment of shame as with fig leaves, in reproof of my selfish passions.

I am clad in a coat that is spotted and shamefully blood-stained by the flow of my passionate and pleasure-loving life.

I fell under the burden of passions and corruption of matter, and from then until now I am oppressed by the enemy.

Having preferred a possessive and pleasure-loving life to spiritual poverty, O Savior, I am now harnessed with a heavy yoke. (Matthew 5:3)

I have adorned the idol of my flesh with the many-colored clothing of shameful thoughts, and I am condemned. (1 John 5:21)

I have been anxiously concerned only about outward adornment, and have neglected the inner temple made in the image of God. (I Peter 3:3-4)

I have buried with passions the beauty of the original image, O Savior. But seek and find it, like the lost coin. (Luke 15:8)

Like the harlot I cry to Thee: I have sinned, I alone have sinned against Thee. Accept my tears also, O Savior, as perfume. (Luke 7:37-50)

Like the publican I cry to Thee: Be merciful, O Savior, be merciful to me; for no child of Adam has sinned as I against Thee. (Luke 18:13)

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit:

To The Trinity: One in three Persons I praise Thee, O God of all, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Now and ever, and to the ages of ages. Amen.

Theotokion: Spotless Mother of God, only all-hymned Virgin, pray intensely that we may be saved.

Song 3.

Eirmos: Establish, O Lord, my unstable heart on the rock of Thy commandments, for Thou only art Holy and Lord.

Refrain: Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me.


In Thee the Conqueror of death, I have found the Source of Life, and from my heart I cry to Thee before my end: I have sinned, be merciful, save me.

I have sinned, O Lord, I have sinned against Thee. Be merciful to me. For there is no one who has sinned among men whom I have not surpassed by my sins.

I have imitated those who were licentious in Noah's time, and I have earned a share in their condemnation of drowning in the flood. (Genesis 6)

You have imitated Ham, that spurner of his father, my soul. You have not concealed your neighbor’s shame by returning to him looking backwards. (Genesis 9:20 27)

Run, my soul, like Lot from the fire of sin; run from Sodom and Gomorrah; run from the flame of every irrational desire. (Genesis 19)

Have mercy, O Lord, have mercy on me, I implore Thee, when Thou comest with Thy Angels to requite us all as our actions deserve.

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit:

To The Trinity: Simple, uncreated Unity, unoriginate Nature praised in a Trinity of Persons, save us who with faith worship Thy power.

Now and ever, and to the ages of ages. Amen.

Theotokion: O Mother of God, unwedded thou gavest birth in time to the timeless Son of the Father. And - O strange wonder! - thou remainest a Virgin while suckling Him.

Song 4.

Eirmos: The Prophet heard of Thy coming, O Lord, and was afraid that Thou wast to be born of a Virgin and appear to men, and he said, "I have heard the report of Thee and am afraid." Glory to Thy power, O Lord. (Habbakuk 3:2)

Refrain: Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me.


Watch, my soul! Be courageous like the great Patriarchs, that you may acquire activity and awareness, and be a mind that sees God, and may reach in contemplation the innermost darkness, and be a great trader. (Genesis 32:28; Luke 19:13-15)

The great Patriarch, by begetting the twelve Patriarchs, mystically set up for you, my soul, a ladder of active ascent, having wisely offered his children as rungs, and his steps as ascents.

You have emulated the hated Esau, my soul, and have given up your birthright of pristine beauty to your supplanter, and you have lost your father's blessing, and have been tripped up twice in action and knowledge. Therefore, O wretch, repent now. (Genesis 25:31; 27:37)

Esau was called Edom for his extreme passion of madness for women. For ever burning with incontinence and stained with pleasures, he was named Edom which means a red-hot sin-loving soul. (Genesis 25:30)

Have you heard of Job who was made holy on a dunghill, O my soul? You have not emulated his courage, nor had his firmness of purpose in all you have learned or known, or in your temptations, but you have proved unpersevering. (Job 1)

He who was formerly on a throne is now naked on a dunghill and covered with sores. He who had many children and was much admired is suddenly childless and homeless. Yet he regarded the dunghill as a palace and his sores as pearls. (Job 2:7-8)

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit:

To The Trinity: I confess Thee to be undivided in essence, unconfused in persons, One Triune Divinity, co-enthroned and co-reigning. I sing Thee the great song thrice sung on high.

Now and ever, and to the ages of ages. Amen.

Theotokion: Thou givest birth and livest a virgin life, and in both remainest a virgin by nature. He Who is born of thee renews the laws of nature, and a womb gives birth without travail. Where God wills, the order of nature is overruled; for He does whatever He wishes.

Song 5.

Eirmos: Out of the night watching early for Thee, enlighten me, I pray, O Lover of men, and guide even me in Thy commandments, and teach me, O Savior, to do Thy will.

Refrain: Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me.


You have heard, my soul, of Moses' ark of old, borne on the waters and waves of the river as in a shrine, which escaped the bitter tragedy of Pharaoh's edict. (Exodus 1:22 - 2:3)

If you have heard of the midwives, wretched soul, who of old killed in infancy the manly issue and practice of chastity, then like the great Moses, suck wisdom. (Exodus 1:16 - 2:9; Acts 7:22)

You, wretched soul, have not struck and killed your Egyptian mind, like great Moses. Say, then, how will you dwell in that desert solitude where the passions desert you through repentance? (Exodus 2:12)

Great Moses dwelt in the wilds, my soul. So go and imitate his life, that you too may attain by contemplation to the vision of God in the bush. (Exodus 3:1)

Imagine Moses' staff striking the sea and fixing the deep as a type of the divine Cross, by which you too, my soul, can accomplish great things. (Exodus 14:16)

Aaron offered to God the fire pure and undefiled; but Hophni and Phinehas, like you, my soul, offered to God a foul and rebellious life. (Leviticus 9:21-24; I Kings 2:12-34)

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit:

To The Trinity: Thee, O Trinity, we glorify, the one God: Holy, Holy, Holy art Thou, Father, Son and Spirit, simple Being, Unity ever adored.

Now and ever, and to the ages of ages. Amen.

Theotokion: From thee, O pure maiden Mother and Virgin, God Who created the worlds and ages was clad in my clay and united to Himself human nature.

Song 6.

Eirmos: I cried with my whole heart to the merciful God, and He heard me from the lowest hell and raised my life out of corruption.

Refrain: Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me.


The waves of my sins, O Savior, as in the Red Sea recoiled and covered me unawares, like the Egyptians of old and their charioteers. (Exodus 14:7-31)

Like Israel of old, my soul, you have had a foolish affection. For like a brute you have preferred to divine manna the pleasure-loving gluttony of the passions. (Numbers 21; 5: I Corinthians 10: 9)

The wells of Canaanite thoughts, my soul, you have prized above the Rock with the cleft from which the river of wisdom like a chalice pours forth streams of theology. (Genesis 21:25; Exodus 17:6)

Swine's flesh and hotpots and Egyptian food you, my soul, have preferred to heavenly manna, as of old the senseless people in the wilderness. (Exodus 16:3; Numbers 11:4-7)

When Thy servant Moses struck the rock with his staff, he mystically typified Thy life-giving side, O Savior, from which we all draw the water of life. (Numbers 20:11; I Corinthians 10:4)

Explore and spy out the Land of Promise like Joshua the Son of Nun, my soul, and see what it is like, and settle in it by observing the laws. (Josh. 2)

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit:

To The Trinity: I am the Trinity, simple and undivided, divided Personally, and I am the Unity, united in nature, says the Father, the Son, and the Divine Spirit.

Now and ever, and to the ages of ages. Amen.

Theotokion: Thy womb bore God for us Who took our form. Implore Him as the Creator of all, O Mother of God that through thy intercessions we may be justified.

Kontakion, tone 6:

My soul, my soul, arise! Why are you sleeping? The end is drawing near, and you will be confounded. Awake, then, and, be watchful, that Christ our God may spare you, Who is everywhere present and fills all things.

Song 7.

Eirmos: We have sinned, transgressed, done wrong before Thee, we have not watched or done as Thou hast commanded us. But do not give us up utterly, O God of our Fathers.

Refrain: Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me.


When the Ark was being carried on a wagon, and when one of the oxen slipped, Uzzah only touched it and experienced the wrath of God. But avoid, my soul, his presumption and truly reverence divine things. (II Kings 6:6)

You have heard of Absalom, how he rose against nature. You know his accursed deeds and how he insulted the bed of his father David. But you have imitated his passionate and pleasure-loving cravings. (II Kings 15; 16:21)

You have enslaved your free dignity to your body, my soul, for you have found in satan another Ahitophel and have consented to his counsels. But Christ Himself scattered them, that you may at all events be saved. (II Kings 16:20)

Wonderful Solomon, who was full of the grace of wisdom, at one time did evil in God's sight and fell away from Him. And you, my soul, have resembled him by your accursed life. (III Kings 11; Ecclus. 47:12-20)

Carried away by the pleasure of his passions, he defiled himself. Alas, the lover of wisdom is a lover of loose women and estranged from God! And you, my soul, have in mind imitated him by your shameful pleasures. (III Kings 3:12; 11:4-12)

You, my soul, have rivaled Rehoboam who would not listen to his father's advisors, and that vicious slave Jeroboam the apostate of old. But shun such mimicry and cry to God: I have sinned, have compassion on me. (III Kings 12:13-20)

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit:

To The Trinity: O Trinity simple and undivided, of one essence and one nature, Lights and Light, three Holies and one Holy, God the Trinity is hymned. But sing, my soul, and glorify the Life and Lives, the God of all.

Now and ever, and to the ages of ages. Amen.

Theotokion: We sing of thee, we bless thee, we worship thee, O Mother of God, for thou gavest birth to one of the inseparable Trinity, the one Son and God, and to us on earth thou hast opened the heavenly realms.

Song 8.

Eirmos: Him Whom the heavenly hosts glorify and before Whom Cherubim and Seraphim tremble, let every breath, and all creation praise, bless and exalt throughout all ages.

Refrain: Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me.


Having emulated Uzziah, my soul, you have his leprosy in you doubled. For you think disgusting thoughts and do outrageous things. Let go of what you are holding and run to repentance. (IV Kings 15:5; II Chronicles 26:19)

Have you heard, my soul, of the Ninevites, who repented before God in sackcloth and ashes? You have not imitated them, but appear to be more crooked than all who have sinned before and after the law. (Jonah 3:5)

You have heard of Jeremiah in the mud pit, my soul, how he cried out with lamentations against the City of Zion, and was seeking tears. Imitate his life of lamentation and you will be saved. (Jeremiah 38:6)

Jonah fled to Tarshish, foreseeing the conversion of the Ninevites; for, being a Prophet, he was aware of God's compassion, and was anxious that his prophecy should not prove false. (Jonah 1:3)

You have heard, my soul, of Daniel in the lion's den. and how he shut the beasts' mouths. You know how the Children who were with Azariah extinguished the flames of the burning furnace by faith. (Dan. 6:16-22; 3:23)

I have reviewed all the people of the Old Testament as examples for you, my soul. Imitate the God-loving deeds of the righteous and shun the sins of the wicked.

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit:

To The Trinity: Eternal Father, co-eternal Son, gracious Comforter, Spirit of Truth; Father of the Divine Word, Word of the Eternal Father, living and creative Spirit, Trinity Unity, have mercy on us.

Now and ever, and to the ages of ages. Amen.

Theotokion: As from scarlet silk, O spotless Virgin, within thy womb the spiritual purple was woven, the flesh Of Emmanuel. Therefore we honor thee as in truth Mother of God.

Song 9.

Eirmos: Ineffable is the childbearing of a seedless conception, unsullied the pregnancy of a Virgin Mother, for the birth of God renews natures. So in all generations we magnify thee in orthodox fashion as the Mother and Bride of God.

Refrain: Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me.


Christ was tempted, the devil was tempting Him, showing Him stones to be turned into bread; and he led Him up a mountain to see all the kingdoms of the world in a flash. Dread, my soul, the scene; watch and pray at every hour to God. (Matthew 4:3-9; 26:41)

The desert-loving dove, the lamp of Christ, the Voice crying in the wilderness sounded, preaching repentance; while Herod sinned with Herodias. See, my soul, that you are not caught in the toils of sin, but embrace repentance. (Mark 1:3; Matthew 14:3)

The Forerunner of grace dwelt in the desert and all Judea and Samaria ran to hear him; and they confessed their sins, and eagerly received baptism. But you, my soul, have not imitated them. (Matthew 3:5-6)

Marriage is honourable and the bed undefiled, for Christ earlier blessed both, eating in His flesh at the marriage in Cana and changing water into wine, and showing His first miracle so that you, my soul, might be changed. (Hebrews 13:4; John 2:1-11)

Christ braced the paralytic and he carried his bed; He raised up the dead young man, the son of the widow, and the Centurion's servant; and by revealing Himself to the Samaritan woman, He traced in advance for you, my soul, how to worship in spirit. (Matthew 9:2-7; Luke 7:14; Matthew 8:6-13; John 4:26; Josh. 4:24)

The Lord healed the woman with hemorrhage by the touch of His hem, cleansed lepers, gave sight to the blind, and cured cripples; the deaf and the dumb and the woman bent earthward he healed with His word, that you, wretched soul, might be saved. (Matthew 9:20-22; 10:8; 11:5; Luke 13:11-13)

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit:

To The Trinity: Let us glorify the Father, exalt the Son, and faithfully worship the Divine Spirit, inseparable Trinity, Unity in essence, as the Light and Lights, the Life and Lives, giving life and light to the ends of the earth.

Now and ever, and to the ages of ages. Amen.

Theotokion: Protect thy city, spotless Mother of God, for in thee it faithfully reigns, and in thee is made strong, and through thee it conquers and routs every trial and temptation, and spoils its foes and rules its subjects.

Refrain: Holy father Andrew, pray for us.

To St. Andrew of Crete: Venerable Andrew, thrice-blessed father, shepherd of Crete, cease not to pray to God for those who sing of thee, that He may deliver from anger, oppression, corruption and our countless sins, all of us who faithfully honor thy memory .

And again the Eirmos:

Ineffable is the childbearing of a seedless conception, unsullied the pregnancy of a Virgin Mother, for the birth of God renews natures. So in all generations we magnify thee in orthodox fashion as Mother and Bride of God.

Then the rest of Great Compline.

Песнь 1, глас 6

Ирмос: Помощник и Покровитель бысть мне во спасение, Сей мой Бог, и прославлю Его, Бог отца моего, и вознесу Его, славно бо прославися.

Запев: Помилуй мя, Боже, помилуй мя.

Каиново прешед убийство, произволением бых убийца совести душевней, оживив плоть, и воевав на ню лукавыми моими деяньми.

Авелеве Иисусе, не уподобихся правде, дара Тебе приятна не принесох когда, ни деяния Божественна, ни жертвы чистыя, ни жития непорочнаго.

Яко Каин и мы, душе окаянная, всех Содетелю деяния скверная, и жертву порочную, и непотребное житие принесохом вкупе, темже и осудихомся.

Брение Здатель живосоздав, вложил еси мне плоть и кости, и дыхание и жизнь: но о Творче мой, Избавителю мой и Судие, кающася приими мя.

Извещаю Ти Спасе, грехи, яже содеях, и души и тела моего язвы, яже внутрь убийственнии помыслы разбойнически на мя возложиша.

Аще и согреших Спасе, но вем яко Человеколюбец еси, наказуеши милостивно, и милосердствуеши тепле, слезяща зриши, и притекаеши яко отец, призывая блуднаго.


Троичен: Пресущная Троице, во Единице покланяемая, возми бремя от мене тяжкое греховное, и яко благоутробна, даждь ми слезы умиления.

И ныне,

Богородичен: Богородице, Надежде и Предстательство Тебе поющих, возми бремя от мене тяжкое греховное, и яко Владычица Чистая, кающася приими мя.
Песнь 2

Ирмос: Вонми небо, и возглаголю, и воспою Христа, от Девы плотию пришедшаго.

Сшиваше кожныя ризы грех мне, обнаживый мя первыя боготканныя одежды.

Обложен есмь одеянием студа, якоже листвием смоковным, во обличение моих самовластных страстей.

Одеяхся в срамную ризу, и окровавленную студно, течением страстнаго и любосластнаго живота.

Впадох в страстную пагубу, и в вещественную тлю, и оттоле до ныне враг мне досаждает.

Любовещное и любоименное житие, невоздержанием Спасе предпочет, ныне тяжким бременем обложен есмь.

Украсих плотский образ, скверных помышлений различным обложением, и осуждаюся.

Внешним прилежно благоукрашением единем попекохся, внутреннюю презрев Богообразную скинию.

Погребох перваго образа доброту Спасе страстьми, юже яко иногда драхму взыскав обрящи.

Согреших, якоже блудница вопию Ти; един согреших Тебе; яко миро приими Спасе, и моя слезы.

Очисти, якоже мытарь вопию Ти, Спасе очисти мя, никтоже бо сущих из Адама, якоже аз согреших Тебе.


Троичен: Единаго Тя в триех Лицах, Бога всех пою, Отца, и Сына, и Духа Святаго.

И ныне,

Богородичен: Пречистая Богородице Дево, едина всепетая, моли прилежно, во еже спастися нам.
Песнь 3

Ирмос: Утверди Господи, на камени заповедей Твоих, подвигшееся сердце мое, яко Един Свят еси и Господь.

Источник живота стяжах Тебе, смерти Низложителя, и вопию Ти от сердца моего прежде конца: согреших, очисти и спаси мя.

Согреших, Господи, согреших Тебе, очисти мя: несть бо, иже кто согреши в человецех, егоже не превзыдох прегрешеньми.

При Нои Спасе, блудствовавшыя подражах, онех наследовах осуждение, в потопе погружения.

Хама онаго душе, отцеубийца подражавши, срама не покрыла еси искренняго, вспять зря возвратившися.

Запаления якоже Лот, бегай душе моя греха, бегай Содомы и Гоморры, бегай пламене всякаго безсловеснаго желания.

Помилуй, Господи, помилуй мя, вопию Ти, егда приидеши со Ангелы Твоими, воздати всем по достоянию деяний.


Троичен: Троице Простая Несозданная, Безначальное Естество, в Троице певаемая Ипостасей, спаси ны верою покланяющыяся державе Твоей.

И ныне,

Богородичен: От Отца безлетна Сына, в лето Богородительнице неискусомужно родила еси, странное чудо, пребывши Дева доящи.
Песнь 4

Ирмос: Услыша пророк пришествие Твое Господи, и убояся, яко хощеши от Девы родитися, и человеком явитися, и глаголаше: услышах слух Твой, и убояхся, слава силе Твоей Господи.

Бди, о душе моя, изрядствуй якоже древле великий в патриарсех, да стяжеши деяние с разумом, да будеши ум зряй Бога, и достигнеши незаходящий мрак в видении, и будеши великий купец.

Дванадесять патриархов, великий в патриарсех детотворив, тайно утверди тебе лествицу деятельнаго душе моя, восхождения: дети, яко основания, степени яко восхождения, премудренно подложив.

Исава возненавиденнаго подражала еси душе, отдала еси прелестнику твоему первыя доброты первенство, и отеческия молитвы отпала еси, и дважды поползнулася еси окаянная, деянием и разумом, темже ныне покайся.

Едом Исав наречеся, крайняго ради женонеистовнаго смешения: невоздержанием бо присно разжигаемь, и сластьми оскверняемь, Едом именовася, еже глаголется разжжение души любогреховныя.

Иова на гноищи слышавши, о душе моя, оправдавшагося, того мужеству не поревновала еси, твердаго не имела еси предложения, во всех яже веси, и имиже искусилася еси, но явилася еси нетерпелива.

Иже первее на престоле, наг ныне на гноищи гноен, многий в чадех и славный, безчаден и бездомок напрасно: палату убо гноище, и бисерие струпы вменяше.


Троичен: Нераздельное существом, неслитное Лицы, богословлю Тя, Троическое Едино Божество, яко Единоцарственное и Сопрестольное, вопию Ти песнь великую, в вышних трегубо песнословимую.

И ныне,

Богородичен: И раждаеши, и девствуеши, и пребываеши обоюду естеством Дева, Рождейся обновляет законы естества, утроба же раждает нераждающая. Бог идеже хощет, побеждается естества чин: творит бо елика хощет.
Песнь 5

Ирмос: От нощи утренююща, Человеколюбче, просвети молюся, и настави и мене на повеления Твоя, и научи мя Спасе, творити волю Твою.

Моисеов слышала еси ковчежец душе, водами, волнами носимь речными, яко в чертозе древле бегающий дела, горькаго совета фараонитска.

Аще бабы слышала еси, убивающыя иногда безвозрастное мужеское душе окаянная, целомудрия деяние, ныне яко великий Моисей, сси премудрость.

Яко Моисей великий египтянина, ума уязвивши окаянная, не убила еси, душе; и како вселишися, глаголи, в пустыню страстей покаянием?

В пустыню вселися великий Моисей; гряди убо, подражай того житие, да и в купине богоявления, душе, в видении будеши.
Моисеов жезл воображай душе, ударяющий море, и огустевающий глубину, во образ Креста Божественнаго; имже можеши и ты великая совершити.

Аарон приношаше огнь Богу, непорочный, нелестный; но Офни и Финеес, яко ты душе, приношаху чуждее Богу, оскверненное житие.


Троичен: Тя Троице славим, Единаго Бога: Свят, Свят, Свят еси Отче, Сыне, и Душе, Простое Существо, Единице присно покланяемая.

И ныне,

Богородичен: Из Тебе облечеся в мое смешение, нетленная, безмужная Мати Дево, Бог создавый веки, и соедини Себе человеческое естество.
Песнь 6

Ирмос: Возопих всем сердцем моим к щедрому Богу, и услыша мя от ада преисподняго, и возведе от тли живот мой.

Волны Спасе прегрешений моих, яко в мори Чермнем возвращающеся, покрыша мя внезапу, яко египтяны иногда, и тристаты.

Неразумное душе произволение имела еси, яко прежде Израиль; Божественныя бо манны предсудила еси безсловесно, любосластное страстей объядение.

Кладенцы душе предпочла еси хананейских мыслей, паче жилы камене, из негоже премудрости река, яко чаша проливает токи богословия.

Свиная мяса и котлы, и египетскую пищу, паче небесныя предсудила еси душе моя, якоже древле неразумнии людие в пустыни.

Яко удари Моисей раб Твой жезлом камень, образно животворивая ребра Твоя прообразоваше, из нихже вси питие жизни Спасе, почерпаем.

Испытай душе и смотряй, якоже Иисус Навин обетования землю, какова есть, и вселися в ню благозаконием.


Троичен: Троица есмь Проста, Нераздельна, Раздельна Личне, и Единица есмь естеством соединена, Отец глаголет, и Сын, и Божественный Дух.

И ныне,

Богородичен: Утроба Твоя Бога нам роди, воображена по нам, Егоже, яко Создателя всех, моли, Богородице, да молитвами Твоими оправдимся.

Господи, помилуй (трижды).

Слава Отцу, и Сыну, и Святому Духу. И ныне, и присно, и во веки веков. Аминь.

Кондак, глас 6:

Душе моя, душе моя, востани, что спиши? Конец приближается, и имаши смутитися, воспряни убо, да пощадит тя Христос Бог, везде сый, и вся исполняяй.
Песнь 7

Ирмос: Согрешихом, беззаконновахом, неправдовахом пред Тобою, ниже соблюдохом, ниже сотворихом, якоже заповедал еси нам; но не предаждь нас до конца, отцев Боже.

Кивот яко ношашеся на колеснице, Зан оный, егда превращшуся тельцу, точию коснуся, Божиим искусися гневом; но того дерзновения убежавши душе, почитай Божественная честне.

Слышала еси Авессалома, како на естество воста, познала еси того скверная деяния, имиже оскверни ложе Давида отца; но ты подражала еси того страстная, и любосластная стремления.

Покорила еси неработное твое достоинство телу твоему, иного бо Ахитофела обретши врага душе, снизшла еси сего советом; но сия разсыпа Сам Христос, да ты всяко спасешися.

Соломон чудный и благодати премудрости исполненный, сей лукавое иногда пред Богом сотворив, отступи от Него; емуже ты проклятым твоим житием, душе уподобилася еси.

Сластьми влекомь страстей своих оскверняшеся, увы мне, рачитель премудрости, рачитель блудных жен, и странен от Бога; егоже ты подражала еси умом о душе, сладострастьми скверными.

Ровоаму поревновала еси, не послушавшему совета отча, купно же и злейшему врагу Иеровоаму, прежнему отступнику душе, но бегай подражания, и зови Богу: согреших, ущедри мя.


Троичен: Троице Простая, Нераздельная, Единосущная, и Естество Едино, Светове и Свет, и Свята Три, и Едино Свято поется Бог Троица; но воспой, прослави Живот и Животы, душе, всех Бога.

И ныне,

Богородичен: Поем Тя, благословим Тя, покланяемся Ти Богородительнице, яко неразлучныя Троицы породила еси Единаго Христа Бога, и Сама отверзла еси нам сущым на земли небесная.
Песнь 8

Ирмос: Егоже воинства небесная славят, и трепещут Херувими и Серафими, всяко дыхание и тварь, пойте, благословите, и превозносите во вся веки.

Ты Озии душе поревновавши, сего прокажение в себе стяжала еси сугубо; безместная бо мыслиши, беззаконная же дееши; остави яже имаши, и притецы к покаянию.

Ниневитяны душе слышала еси кающыяся Богу, вретищем и пепелом сих, не подражала еси, но явилася еси злейшая всех, прежде закона, и по законе прегрешивших.

В рове блата слышала еси Иеремию душе, града Сионя рыданьми вопиюща, и слез ищуща; подражай сего плачевное житие и спасешися.

Иона в Фарсис побеже, проразумев обращение ниневитянов, разуме бо яко пророк Божие благоутробие; темже ревноваше пророчеству не солгатися.

Даниила в рове слышала еси, како загради уста о душе, зверей; уведела еси, како отроцы иже, о Азарии, погасиша верою пещи пламень горящий.

Ветхаго Завета вся приведох ти, душе, к подобию, подражай праведных боголюбивая деяния, избегни же паки лукавых грехов.


Троичен: Безначальне Отче, Сыне Собезначальне, Утешителю Благий, Душе Правый, Слова Божия Родителю, Отца Безначальна Слове, Душе Живый и Зиждяй, Троице Единице, помилуй мя.

И ныне,

Богородичен: Яко от обращения червленицы Пречистая, умная багряница Еммануилева, внутрь во чреве Твоем плоть исткася; темже Богородицу воистинну Тя почитаем.
Песнь 9

Ирмос: Безсеменнаго зачатия рождество несказанное, Матере безмужныя нетленен Плод, Божие бо рождение обновляет естества; темже Тя вси роди яко Богоневестную Матерь, православно величаем.

Христос искушашеся, диавол искушаше, показуя камение, да хлеби будут, на гору возведе видети вся царствия мира во мгновении; убойся, о душе ловления, трезвися, молися на всякий час Богу.

Горлица пустыннолюбная, глас вопиющаго возгласи, Христов светильник, проповедуяй покаяние, Ирод беззаконнова со Иродиадою. Зри душе моя, да не увязнеши в беззаконныя сети, но облобызай покаяние.

В пустыню вселися благодати Предтеча, и Иудеа вся и Самария слышавше течаху, и исповедаху грехи своя, крещающеся усердно, ихже ты не подражала еси душе.

Брак убо честный, и ложе нескверно, обоя бо Христос прежде благослови, плотию ядый, и в Кане же на браце, воду в вино совершая, и показуя первое чудо, да ты изменишися, о душе.

Разслабленнаго стягну Христос, одр вземша, и юношу умерша воздвиже, вдовиче рождение, и сотнича отрока, и самаряныне явися, в дусе службу тебе душе предживописа.

Кровоточивую исцели прикосновением края ризна Господь, прокаженныя очисти, слепыя и хромыя просветив исправи, глухия же, и немыя, и ничащыя низу исцели словом, да ты спасешися окаянная душе.


Троичен: Отца прославим, Сына превознесем, Божественному Духу верно поклонимся, Троице Нераздельней, Единице по существу, яко Свету, и Светом, и Животу, и Животом, животворящему, и просвещающему концы.

И ныне,

Богородичен: Град Твой сохраняй, Богородительнице Пречистая, в Тебе бо сей верно царствуяй, в Тебе и утверждается, и Тобою побеждаяй, побеждает всякое искушение, и пленяет ратники, и проходит послушание.

Запев: Преподобне отче Андрее, моли Бога о нас.

Андрее честный и отче треблаженнейший, пастырю Критский, не престай моляся о воспевающих тя, да избавимся вси гнева и скорби, и тления, и прегрешений безмерных, чтущии твою память верно.