Work Week

Days Of The Week Дни недели
Days Of The Week 1 Дни недели 1
Week Неделя
What day is after Wednesday? Какой день после среды?
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On Monday, we work.
On Tuesday we work.
On Wednesday we work.
On Thursday we work.
On Friday we work.

And we do not work on Saturday.
On Saturday we rest.
On Sunday we also have a rest.

Saturday and Sunday are non-working days is this weekend.
Over the weekend, we do not work, and relax.

- What are the working days?
- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are the working days.
- What are the days of the weekend?
- Saturday and Sunday are the weekend.

When do we work? What days?
When do we rest? What days?

Test Yourself

1. This is a _______ . Aqeeliz-Calendar-week.png

a day
a minute
a week
a year

2. What day of the week is it? Aqeeliz-Calendar-Sa.png


3. What day of the week is this? Aqeeliz-Calendar-Tu.png

This is Wednesday.
This is Monday.
This is Tuesday.
This is Friday.

4. And this? Aqeeliz-Calendar-Th.png

This is Wednesday.
This is Sunday.
This is Tuesday.
This is Thursday.

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