Where is the school?




WikiTranslate English lesson: Where is the School? Teacher: Richard Brown.

Have a look at the picture! This is a town.
– What town is this?
– WikiTranslate.

Have a good look!
– Is WikiTranslate town big or small?
– It is small, not big. No, it is not big! London is a big town. Manchester is also a big town. But WikiTranslate is not a big town, it is small.

Have a look! This is my house.
– My house, is it big or small?
– My house is big, it is not small! Look!
– And this, is this my house?
– No, this is not mine. It is not my house! This is my workplace. This is my office. It is not my house, it is my office!
– My house is big. What about this one?
– No, this one is not big, it is small. My house is big and this one is not big! My office is small!

This is my office and this is a shop.
This is a bank and this is a coffee shop.
This is police station and this is a post office.
This is a kiosk, this is a bench and this is a newspaper.

Well done? Did you remember it? – You did not? Alright! One more time . . . This is work, bank, post office, shop, kiosk, bench and a newspaper.
Have a look at this picture! Is this bench red? Is this bench blue or yellow? What colour is this bench? What colour? Yellow, that is right, it is yellow.

Well done. Have a look at some more: police station, coffee shop, restaurant, house, school.
School. This is a school. What colour is this school? What colour? Is the school blue, green, red or yellow? Yes, this school is red. But this school is red and yellow. This school is red and yellow.
Alright? Did you remember it? Yes? Well done! – This is . . .

Well done! Have a look at the picture one more time! This is a school. This is a stadium. This is a theatre. This is hotel. This is a station. This is a car park. Did you remember it? Yes? Have a look!
– Where is the park? Where? Here, here or here? Where?
– Here is the park! It is here!
– Where is the restaurant? Here, here or here?
– Here is the restaurant. It is here! Here!
– Where is the kiosk? Here or here?
– It is here! Here it is!
– What is here?
– Here is the shop.
– Where is the station?
– Here is the station. Here it is!
– Where is the police station?
– It is here. Here it is!
– And the coffee shop? Where is it?
– It is here. Here it is!
– Is this the stadium?
– No, not the stadium!
– Not the stadium? What is it? What is here?
– Here is the theater. Here it is. This is theater. And here is the station. It is here.
– Where is the stadium?
– The stadium is here. Right here. The car park is also here. Here it is. This is the car park. And the taxi bay is also here.

Have a look!
– What is here?
– Here . . .
– And here?
– Here . . .
– What is this?
– And this . . .
Good! Well done! End of the lesson! Goodbye!

Это дом. Этот дом большой. / This is a house. This house is big.
Это письмо. Это письмо моё. / This is a letter. This letter is mine.
Это книга. Эта книга интересная. / This is a book. This book is interesting.
Это машины. Эти машины дорогие. / These are cars. These cars are expensive.

==Проверьте себя==

1 Это _______ . School.png


2 Этот дом какой? Какого он цвета? Towerflat.png

Зелёный с синим.
Синий с зелёным.
Красный с жёлтым.
Зелёный с жёлтым.

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Test Youself

1 This is a _______ . School.png


2 What coulor is this house? Towerflat.png

Green and blue.
Blue and green.
Red and yellow.
Green and yellow.

3 And,this house is it big or small?


Warning: Display title 'Where is the school?' overrides earlier display title 'Где школа?'.