A Christmas Alphabet

A Fir Tree Ёлка
God Is With Us С нами Бог
Little Jack Horner Маленький Джек Хорнер
Nativity Hymns Тропарь и кондак Рождества Христова
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A is for Apple, hung on the tree.
B is for Bulb, as bright as can be.
C is for Carol, so happily sung.
D is for Door, mistletoe hung.

E is for Evergreens all the year round.
F is for Fir, so graciously found.
G is for Gumdrops, chewy and red.
H is for Holly over your head.

I is for Icicle hung from a tree.
J is for Joy for you and for me.
K is for King, born on this day.
L is for Laughter, happy and gay.

M is for is for Morning, merry and bright.
N is for Notes, sung into the night.
O is for Oranges, found in your socks.
P is for Pop like a Jack in the box.

Q is for Quiet, just like a mouse.
R is for Rooftops over your house.
S is for Snow thick on each roof.
T is for Tap of each tiny hoof.

U is for "Up, up to the skies!"
V is for Vixen, bright flashing eyes.
W is for Wonder, like pie on a tray.
X is for Xmas, the short spelling way.
Y is for You, may your Christmas be gay.
Z is for what? Please, can you say!