A Dog's Dinner

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A Dog's DinnerСобачья еда
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Watch the video that's on the right side of the page. It is a video of a dog eating.
The dog is wearing his grey hoodie fleece. He is very hungry and eats with great appetite.
- What does he eat?
- He eats macaroni.
- How does he eat it?
- With a spoon and with his hands. He always eats with his hands when he is hungry!
It looks like he is not only very hungry but very thirsty too today! He drinks water with his meal.
He drinks water from his glass. He has excellent manners! He even wipes his mouth with a napkin!
He loves the food, so he licks his plate clean.

Test Yourself

1 What does the dog start eating with?

a knife and a fork
a fork and hands

2 What does the dog use to wipe its mouth?

table cloth

3 What is he eating?

dog meat

4 What is the dog drinking?

white wine

5 What do you think of the dog's table manners?

He has bad table manners
He has no table manners
He has good table manners (for a dog)