English pronunciation: B and V


  • Plosive (also known as an occlusive or an oral stop) - A consonant in which the vocal tract is blocked so that all airflow ceases.
  • Bilabial - A consonant articulated with both lips.

Press both lips together and with your vocal cords vibrating, open your lips suddenly.


  • Labiodental - Consonants articulated with the lower lip and the upper teeth.
  • Fricative - Consonants produced by forcing air through a narrow channel made by placing two articulators close together.

Place your top front teeth against your bottom lip (as with F), but then without releasing air, vibrate your vocal cords and release your teeth from your lip.

Places of articulation.jpg

Places of articulation (passive & active):1. Exo-labial, 2. Endo-labial, 3. Dental, 4. Alveolar, 5. Post-alveolar, 6. Pre-palatal, 7. Palatal, 8. Velar, 9. Uvular, 10. Pharyngeal, 11. Glottal, 12. Epiglottal, 13. Radical, 14. Postero-dorsal, 15. Antero-dorsal, 16. Laminal, 17. Apical, 18. Sub-apical