Russian family

There are many names for family members in Russian:

муж (husband)

жена (wife)

мать (мама) (mother (Mom))

отец (папа) (father (Dad))

родители ( parents)

сын (son)

дочь (daughter)

дети (children)

сестра (sister)

брат (brother)

бабушка (grandmother)

дедушка (grandfather)

прабабушка (прадедушка) (great-grandmother (great-grandfather))

внук (внучка) (grandson (granddaughter))

правнук (правнучка) (great-grandson (great-granddaughter))

племянник (племянница) (nephew (niece))

тётя (aunt)

дядя (uncle)

зять (son-in-law or brother-in-law)

невестка (сноха) (daughter-in-law or sister-in-law)

тесть (father-in-law, wife’s father)

тёща (mother-in-law, wife’s mother)

свёкор (father-in-law, husband’s father)

свекровь (mother-in-law, husband’s mother)

сват (father of the daughter-in-law, father of the son-in-law)

сватья (mother of the daughter-in-law, mother of the son-in-law)

деверь (husband’s brother, brother-in-law)

золовка (husband’s sister, sister-in-law)

свояченица (wife’s sister, sister-in-law)

шурин (wife’s brother, brother-in-law)

кузен (двоюродный брат) (cousin)

кузина (двоюродная сестра) (cousin)