Русские цвета с Майей 2

  1. Упражнения с пальцами (Exercises with fingers)
  2. Аэробика - Пальцы (Language Aerobics 3, Aerobics - Fingers)
  3. Время ланча (Lunchtime)
  4. Ералаш - Ни слова о кефире (Don't say a word about kefir)
  5. Кроссворд "Фрукты (Crossword - Fruit)
  6. Моей головой (With my head)
  7. Русские цвета с Майей 1 (Russian colours with Maya 1)
  8. Русские цвета с Майей 2 (Russian colours with Maya 2)
  9. Ты мой или твой любимый? (Are you my or your loved one?)
  10. У меня пропал мой носик (I have lost my nose)

|Learn Russian colours with Maya, lesson 2, second lesson.

Watch and listen carefully! Maya teaches colours!

What colour are the envelopes? - These envelopes are pink.

These envelopes are white. These envelopes are blue. These envelopes are yellow. These envelopes are purple. These envelopes are red. These envelopes ... - These are beige.

These envelopes are beige. - No, in my opinion yellow. In my opinion yellow, light yellow. - These envelopes are light yellow.

These envelopes are dark green. These envelopes ... This envelope ... Ah! These envelopes are white and these are red.

Which envelopes are on which? - Red envelopes on white envelopes. White envelopes on green envelopes. White coloured yellow envelopes on red envelopes.

Red envelopes on purple envelopes. Purple envelopes on yellow envelopes. Yellow envelopes on blue envelopes.

And blue envelopes on white envelopes. “On white envelopes, Maya!

And white envelopes on pink envelopes. - Thank you, Mayenka! Well said about the envelopes!

Which pencils are short? How long? What colour are which pencils? Let's look at the pencils! - Let's move the envelopes!

What pencils are in front of you? - These pencils are blue. This pencil is long, this pencil is short. In front of me are yellow pencils.

This one is long, this one is short. These two pencils ... - Two pencils, Mayenka! - These pencils are both green. - Both! Both pencils!

I'm ... saying this! - We'll watch it later, you said "обе" . - These pencils are both green and both are long.

These pencils are red. This one is big, this one is small. This pencil is brown. This pencil is blue. This pencil is green. This pencil is black. This pencil is yellow. And these pencils are green.

Are they pencils? - It's not a pencil, these are pens. - Not pencils, these are pens! Show the pens then, and what colour are the pens tell us!

This is a red pencil. Now the number of pencils. (pencil!) Okay? - Come on, okay, count, come on!

One, two, three ... twelve,

thirteen, fourteen. We have fourteen pencils here.

End of the second lesson "Colours with Maya". Goodbye! Until the new lesson! Until the third lesson "Colours with Maya"!}}