В лесу родилась ёлочка

В лесу она росла.
Зимой и летом стройная,
Зеленая была.

Метель ей пела песенку:
"Спи, елочка, бай-бай!"
Мороз снежком укутывал:
"Смотри, не замерзай!"

Трусишка зайка серенький
Под ёлочкой скакал.
Порою волк, сердитый волк,
Рысцою пробегал.

Чу! Снег по лесу частому
Под полозом скрипит
Лошадка мохноногая
Торопится, бежит.

Везет лошадка дровенки
На дровнях мужичок
Срубил он нашу ёлочку
Под самый корешок.

И вот она, нарядная,
На праздник к нам пришла,
И много, много радости
Детишкам принесла.

В лесу родилась ёлочка,
В лесу она росла.
Зимой и летом стройная,
Зеленая была.
The forest raised a Christmas tree,
‘Twas silent and serene
In winter and in summer
It was slender and so green.

The wind sang it a lullaby:
Sleep Christmas tree, sleep tight!
The snow was making clothes for it:
It was a pretty sight!

A trembling bunny put himself
Beneath its arms so wide;
The hungry wolf just passed him by -
A lovely place to hide!

Some sleigh bells rang throughout the woods,
The snow was crisp and clean,
A horsey brought a forester
To hew that tree so green.

And now it comes to visit us,
With lights and garlands bright,
While all the children dance and sing
To greet it with delight!

  • English lyrics by Arthur Durando and Irina Popov

There was a Fir-Tree born in woods,
And there she was grown,
In winter and in summer both
The grace and green she was

The Snowstorm sang a song for her:
«Sleep, Firry, sleep tight-tight»
The Frost was covering with snow
“Don't freeze in such cold night”

A yellow-bellied Bunny there
Was leaping under fir
From time to time an angry Wolf
Was running over near

The snow around the thicky woods
Is creaking under skid
A shaggy Gee-Gee frisks ahead
In greatest rush indeed

The Gee-Gee's carrying firewoods
On them there is a Man
He chopped down our little Fir
At the very rootlet

And now in gallant here she is
On feast to us she came
And many many joyances
All little kids she gave

  • English lyrics by Joe White

Help to make a translation so one can sing it Natasha Brown
A Christmas tree was born in the woods,
It grew in the deep woodland.
It was slender and ever green.
The forest was its friend.

The blizzard sang it a lullaby:
"Sleep Christmas tree, good-night!"
The frost wrapped it in a snow dress:
"Watch out, I can bite!"

A grey bunny so cowardly
Hopped under the fir-tree.
A hungry wolf, an angry wolf
Seeked it but couldn't see.

"Giddy-up!", – a sleigh runs in the woods,
Its runners crunch crisp snow,
A horse is rushing, it can't wait
Tomorrow is a show.

The horse is carrying the old man,
He sits on the firewood.
He made his way to our tree
And cut it down to the root.

Oh, how elegant it is!
It came to our feast!
It brought so many cheers
to the babies and for kids!

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