Russian за-

Russian ns, prons, adjs & nums decline in gender: m, f, n; number: s, p & case: n, g, d, a, i, p. Adv, conj, interj, prep stay the same. Verbs: 3 ten, 2 asp; asp pairs are formed: via pref, suf & lex. Beware of verbs of position and motion!
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The prefix за-== can show that the meaning of the verb may be a start of an action and/or some action with a sound or light effect:

  • петь (impf) - запеть (pf) - запеваать (impf) (to start singing or to sing aloud)
  • прыгать (impf) - запрыгать (pf) - запрыгивать (impf) (to start jumping)

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