Russian morphology

Some Russian words with the root -уч-[edit]

уч/и/ть to teach, to learn
уч/и/ться to learn, to study
уч/и/тель teacher (male)
уч/и/тель/ницa teacher (female)
уч/и/тель/ский scholastic
уч/и/тель/ств/о teachers or teaching, duties of a teacher
уч/и/тель/ств/о/a/ть to be a teacher
уч/ени/е studies, learning, doctrine, teachings
уч/ен/ый scientist
уч/е/ник student (male)
уч/ениц/а student (female)
уч/енич/еск/ий pupillary,discipular
уч/е/б/а study
уч/е/б/н/ый educational, training, academic
уч/е/б/н/ик tutorial, textbook, study book
уч/ащ/ий/ся student, pupil
уч/и/лищ/е school, college, academy
вы/уч/и/ть - вы/уч/и/ть(ся) to learn well, to teach thoroughly
вы/уч/ива/ть - вы/уч/ива/ть(ся) to finish one's education
за/уч/и/ть - за/уч/ива/ть to learn well (by heart)
из/уч/и/ть - из/уч/a/ть to learn, to study in detail
на/уч/и/ть - на/уч/и/ть(ся) to teach, to learn a skill, a proffesion
об/уч/и/ть(ся) - об/уч/a/ть(ся) to learn something
об/уч/и/ть - об/уч/a/ть to teach something
пере/уч/и/ть - пере/уч/ива/ть to learn or to teach a new skill
по/уч/и/ть - по/уч/a/ть to learn or to teach for some time or to teach from time to time
про/уч/и/ть - про/уч/а/ть to teach someone a lesson"
уч/и/ть(ся) - по/уч/и/ть(ся) to learn - to learn for some time
раз/уч/и/ть(ся) - раз/уч/ивa/ть(ся) to forget how to do something, to lose a skill
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